Spring 2016

See links below for handouts.

Date Beginners Group Topic  Elementary Group Topic Intermediate Group Topic Advanced Group Topic
Saturday, Jan 16 Logic and Tetronimos 1 Logic and Tetronimos 2 Logic and Tetronimos 3 Math Games
Saturday, Jan 23 Snow day. Math Circle will not meet.
Saturday, Jan 30 Knights and Knaves and Pigeons Knights and Knaves and Frogs Knights and Knaves and Squares of Squares The Game of Nim and the Game of Jim
Saturday, Feb 6 More Tetrominos Friends and Money A Square of Squares Nim and Four Points, Two Distances
Saturday, Feb 13 Five Cards on a Table Five Cards on a Table and the Farmer and the Cow The Farmer and the Cow and Yoda  Variations on the Locker Problem
Saturday, Feb 20 Tetromino Shape Dice Rolls Logic and Lockers Tiling Puzzles

Saturday, Feb 27

Criss Cross Circle Game Who Wins the Race? Crossing the Bridge and the Infinite Hotel The Watermelon Problem
Saturday, Mar 5 Bridge across the Moat Two Is Better than Infinity, Part 1 Rainy Days and Grandchildren Infinity and Beyond
Saturday, Mar 12 Consecutive Numbers Two Is Better Than Infinity, Part 2 Weather, Divisors and Semicircles Coins, Dice, and Card Tricks
Saturday, Mar 19 Venn Diagram Problems Two Is Better Than Infinity, Part 3 Adventure Problems How to Gamble If You Must (Expected Value)
Saturday, Mar 26 How Many Can Sit at the Table? Two is the Best Number, Part 4 Eating Grass and Measuring Water Modular Arithmetic
Saturday, Apr 2 SPRING BREAK – No Math Circle
Saturday, Apr 9 Science Expo at UNC – No Math Circle but please come visit our table!
Saturday, Apr 16 Pizza Problems The Game of Cat and Mouse Handshake Problems Problems about Knowledge about Knowledge
Saturday, Apr 23 No Math Circle due to building closure and campus race
Saturday, Apr 30 Working Backwards Math Auction Math Auction Number Theory, Part 2
Saturday, May 7 Adding Consecutive Numbers Tower of Hanoi, Soma Cube, and Arithmetic Puzzles Secret Codes Iterative Paper Folding
Saturday, May 14 Hidden Rectangles, Building with Triangles and Mobius Bands Soma Cube, Mobius Bands, and Water Pouring Puzzles Chess Tours and Knight Moves Rational Tangles
Saturday, May 21 Saturday, May 21 Julia Robinson Math Festival

Many of the problems we choose for the younger students come either from books in the MSRI-AMS series Mathematical Circles Library or from the virtual library created by Puerto Rico Mathematical Olympiad.