As of May 28, registration for Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 is open. Please register here.

Everyone who is interested in attending in Fall 2019 needs to register, even if you were already attending in Spring 2019. Priority will be given to current students who re-register by July 31.

If the math circle is full when you register, you will be placed on a wait list and notified when space is available.

You will be sent a welcome email with more details in late August.

Please join our Chapel Hill Math Circle google group. Be sure to change the default setting of “No Email” to “All Email” or “Abridged” when you join. We will use this email group to send announcements when we have a schedule or room change, as well as other vital information.

New in Fall 2019 – we will hold a group called Moebius Noodles for kindergarteners and first graders and their families. One or more parent(s) or other adult(s) is expected to attend with their student. Moebius Noodles will meet from 10:30 – 11:30 am on math circle Saturdays.

10 Responses to Register

  1. José Salinas says:

    My daughter and I would like to participate, she’s in 6th grade and would like to be a volunteer and assist in the math circle. Let me know about it.


  2. Saad khan says:

    Hi! My son would like to participate, he is in 1st grade. Let me know what should I have to do


  3. Saad khan says:

    Where I can get the registration from, please send me thank you


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  5. Eun says:

    I have just registered my 4th grader to the elementary group, please let me when a slot become available. Thanks a lot!


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